Gonzalez heating up, but walks remain a mystery

NEW YORK — Adrian Gonzalez is 34 of 89 (.382) with eight extra-base hits and 19 RBIs in his last 22 games.

He is up to .294/.335/.442 on the season, which isn’t very good by his standards. But he’s headed in the direction of that .400 on-base percentage and .500 slugging percentage he promised.

He’s not going to get there with the OBP. Gonzalez has gone 112 plate appearances (back to June 24) without a walk. He has 23 walks all season.

This by a guy who walked 74 times last season and 93 times in 2010.

I asked Gonzalez in Texas on Tuesday why he has walked so few times this season. His answer was just as weird as the statistic.


“I know exactly why, but I can’t tell you,” Gonzalez said.

I assumed he was joking, so I asked him again.

“I really can’t tell you,” Gonzalez said.

Regardless, Gonzalez is starting to hit again and the Red Sox certainly need it. Maybe he’ll mix in a few walks, too.

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