Cherington feels trade adds versatility

Ben Cherington just spoke to the media about the trade deadline. A few key points:

• The trade for Craig Breslow improves the bullpen because he felt the Red Sox “had it rolling” when they had three lefties to match up with earlier this season.

• At the same time, it improves their rotation depth because now it’s easier to use Franklin Morales as a starter. Cherington likes the flexibility the trade creates.

• Nothing with Josh Beckett ever got to a point where he was asked about waiving his 10/5 no-trade rights.

• Cherington said the Red Sox looked at other deals, large and small, and that nothing made sense. He said he was empowered to be bold (the word Larry Lucchino used earlier this month) but that in the end, there wasn’t a bold deal they liked.


“You’re always hoping to do more and do other things to help the team. But in the end, we prefer to not do things rather than make decisions that end up hurting us in the long run,” Cherington said. “We’re happy with that we did and most importantly we’re happy with the guys we have here and it’s really a more a reflection on them. We believe in the group. We feel we feel we have as good a chance as any of the team in this cluster of teams in the wild card.”

• Steven Wright, obtained for Lars Anderson, is a full-time knuckleballer for the first time and they like how he looks and believe he has major league potential.

“We scouted him a lot this year,” Cherington said. “He does a lot of things that we feel gives a guy a chance to succeed with that pitch in the big leagues. He’s pretty athletic, repeats his delivery and can throw a fastball and a breaking ball for a strike. The action on his knuckleball, we think, is major league quality. We’ll see. We’re taking a chance on a guy we think can be a major league starter.”


In non-trade news:

• Cherington is “disappointed” in Ryan Sweeney breaking his left hand punching a door. … He said that Carl Crawford is no longer on a “four-day program” and would get days off as needed.

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