Ryan Sweeney apologizes, expected to miss 8 weeks


After the game on Monday night, Ryan Sweeney apologized for punching a door and apparently breaking a bone in his left hand.

He took to Twitter to apologize on Tuesday.

“Just want to apologize to my teammates, #RedSox, and fans. I don’t normally loose (sic) my cool and this was not an intentional action,” he wrote.

The Red Sox have yet to announce anything. But it sounds like Sweeney will be out eight weeks, which is basically the rest of the regular season. Ryan Kalish is expected to join the team today.

Offensively, it is not a significant loss for the Red Sox. But Sweeney was the team’s best defensive outfielder and potentially a trade chip today.


If you’re counting at home, that’s 23 players on the DL this season for a total of 26 stints. That’s the most players on the DL in the majors in at least 13 seasons.

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