Deduno befuddles forever .500 Red Sox

His name is Samuel Deduno. Prior to this season, the 29-year-old righthander from the Dominican Republic had appeared in six major league games, all in relief, for the Padres and Rockies. He wasn’t considered much of a prospect.

Deduno signed a minor league deal with the Twins over the winter and spent only a brief time in major league spring training before being assigned to Triple A Rochester. He pitched well there and when Minnesota became desperate for starters, he got a shot.

Facing the Rangers and Orioles, Deduno gave up six earned runs on 12 hits in his first 9 2/3 innings. About what you might expect. Then he beat the Royals and Indians, allowing two earned runs over 13 1/3 innings.


Thursday night he got a start against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. A Red Sox team that had won four of five games and scored 27 runs. A Red Sox team, ostensibly, with something to play for.

You saw what happened. Deduno threw six shutout innings and allowed two hits, both by Adrian Gonzalez, in a game the Sox lost, 5-0.

Aaron Gleeman, who writes for Hardball Talk and follows the Twins as closely as anybody, had a great line on Twitter during the game: “Nothing about Samuel Deduno makes any sense,” he wrote.

You could say the same about the $175 million Red Sox, who are at .500 for the 16th time this season.

Jon Lester (8 innings, 7 hits, 3 runs, 0 walks, 7 strikeouts) pitched well enough to win most nights. Not this time.

There were the usual excuses afterward about facing a pitcher they hadn’t seen before and how he was effectively wild. Only Dustin Pedroia, as is often the case, admitted the truth.

“Jon pitched great, offense stunk,” Pedroia said. “There’s no more [expletive] questions or anything. You don’t have to ask anybody else. Jon pitched great; we stunk.”

That about sums it up. Hope you’re enjoying the Olympics.

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