For the Red Sox, history in the making

Statistics on injuries in baseball are, somewhat surprisingly, hard to come by.

But this much we do know: Based on the available information, the Red Sox have set a team record by putting 23 players on the disabled list 27 times this season.

Going back to 1987, the 23 players are the most put on the DL in a single season by any team in the majors.

The 2008 Nationals used the DL 30 times and the 2004 Rangers 29 times. The Red Sox are one of five teams tied for third with 27 uses of the DL. Those stats go back 25 years according to Buster Olney of


For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about this team, you can make a case that it’s somewhat of a miracle they’re 53-53 given all the injuries. The Phillies, who also have been plagued by injuries, are 47-58.

Thursday night marked the 75th defensive lineup and 91st batting order the Red Sox have used in 106 games.

The player with the most starts in left field is Daniel Nava. Most starts in center? Jacoby Ellsbury is tied with Marlon Byrd who was designated for assignment on June 9. Adrian Gonzalez has started more games in the outfield than Carl Crawford.

Meanwhile, we await news on Josh Beckett and his sore back.

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