John Farrell’s focus squarely on the Blue Jays

Toronto manager John Farrell, the former Red Sox pitching coach, faced a large group of reporters in the dugout before the game to address speculation about his possible return to Boston as manager.

With Bobby Valentine in the hot seat, attention has turned to Farrell, who was the Red Sox management’s first choice after Terry Francona was fired last season. Farrell said no fewer than eight times that his focus is entirely on the Blue Jays.

“I’m under contract; that’s obvious because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here today,” Farrell said. “I can understand the natural connection because I’ve worked here in the past, but my focus is clearly with the Blue Jays.


“I don’t look at other situations because my focus is here. I tell you, we’ve got a lot of challenges ourselves, getting people back on the field. I can tell you this, knowing what the Red Sox have gone through – knowing the number of players they’ve lost to injury – I can empathize with Bobby in having to deal with a lot of changes to the roster.

“My focus is right here in this dugout and on this uniform.”

Farrell has managed Toronto for two seasons and has a record of 142-156.

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