Final: Yankees 5, Red Sox 4

Game over: The Red Sox showed some fight, but fell short. Jarrod Saltalamacchia finished a very productive night with a solo homer to right. The Sox had good swings against Rafael Soriano including Daniel Nava’s warning track shot to leftcenter. After Mike Aviles reached on an error by the pitcher, Jacoby Ellsbury bounced back to Soriano to end it. The game was played in 3:43 before 37,230.

Top 9th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 3 James Loney got hit by a truck – Alex Rodriguez – in a collision at first base after Andrew Miller threw A-Rod’s slow roller wide of Loney, who was knocked down..One addition to the thrown out of the game roll-call – third base coach Jerry Royster was also tossed. Vicente Padilla relieved Miller and kept things status quo.


Bottom 8th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 3 Don’t think you’ll ever see Cody Ross angrier than his blowup with home plate umpire Alfonso Marquez after taking a called third strike from Rafael Soriano to end the inning with James Loney on second base after a double. Ross was hot. He was right in Marquez’ face, gesturing. He had to be broken up by Jerry Royster and then Bobby Valentine. Ross was ejected. Valentine came out between innings and started another heated argument with Marquez, who listened and then ejected Bobby V. The crowd cheered Bobby V.

Top 8th:Yankees 5, Red Sox 3 Sox survived a boot by Mike Aviles at short on Andruw Jones’ grounder. They got out of it with an inning-ending double-play grounder by Jeter.

Bottom 7th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 3 Back to back doubles by Salty and Nava produced the first Sox run when Mauro Gomez grounded out scoring Salty from third. Pinch-hitter Mike Aviles doubled in Boston’s second run of the inning.

Top 7th: Yankees 5, Red Sox 1 Alfredo Aceves bombed once again. He allowed a single to Jeter and a home run to Granderson, his second of the game. He left after allowing a double to Swisher. Aceves hung around the mound as Valentine made the pitching move and then circled completely the opposite direction of Valentine and ran into the right corner of the dugout.


Bottom 6th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 An Ellsbury leadoff single was erased on a Ciriaco double-play grounder. After a Pedroia single, Loney grounded out.

Top 6th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 Nick Swisher led off with a double, but the Yankls couldn’t capitalize against a combination Rich Hill/Alfredo Aceves. Hill struck out pinch-hitter Jayson Nix, walked pinch-hitter Andruw Jones and got Ichiro to ground into a force at second base. Aceves came on and got Stewart to fly out to left.

Bottom 5th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 Salty tripled to the triangle and there he stayed as Nava (K), Podsednik (popped out) and Iglesias (K) couldn’t get it done.

Top 5th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 Think we just saw why Jose Iglesias is so special defensively, robbing Robinson Cano of a basehit by ranging far up the middle and making a diving stop of a grounder and then making a solid throw while his body was completely in air to nail Cano. Cook allowed a Jeter single in the inning, but Cook survived.

Bottom 4th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 1 Dustin Pedroia ignited Boston’s first rally with a double. He scored on James Loney’s single to right.

Top 4th: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0 Remember what I said about Cook having a good sinker? Never mind. Curtis Granderson opened with a solo homer to right center. After A-Rod singled, Robinson Cano hit a two-run bomb to left. Chavez also doubled with two outs, but Cook drew the line.

Bottom 3rd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0 Sox remain hitless in the third as Phelps has them fooled.


Top 3rd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0 Tough pitching by Aaron Cook. He allowed a leadoff double to Eric Chavez, the 300th of Chavez’ career, but then got Ichiro to tap back to the mound, Chris Stewart to fly out to right and he struck out Derek Jeter.

Bottom 2nd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0 Jarrod Saltalamacchia walked with two outs but the Sox haven’t been able to crank up their offense against Phelps.

Top 2nd: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0 So far Cook’s sinker is working. Bobby Valentine was afraid to use Cook against the Yankees earlier this season, but so far Cook has retired all six Yankee batters, three of them with ground outs in the second inning.

Bottom 1st: Red Sox 0. Yankees 0 Yankees starter David Phelps retires the Sox in order in the first. Jacoby Ellsbury (K), Pedro Ciraico (5-3) and Dustin Pedroia (6-3) went down.

Top 1st: Red Sox 0, Yankees 0 Aaron Cook throws three outs to start the game. Very nice pregame ceremony honoring Joe Castiglione’s 30 years with the Red Sox. One of the great people of all time and a deserving finalist for the Ford C. Frick Award, the broadcasting arm of the Hall of Fame.

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