Red Sox 2013 schedule begins vs. Yankees

A season opener in New York against the Yankees, an early season homestand against a newcomer to the American League, and a visit to the trading partner in one of Boston’s biggest deals ever highlight the 2013 Red Sox schedule.

The Red Sox will open their 2013 season in New York against the Yankees on April 1, Major League Baseball announced Wednesday.

The MLB season kicks off the night before on March 31 with a matchup to be announced. According to The Associated Press, ESPN could move Red Sox-Yankees to the opening-night game.

The Red Sox will play their home opener on April 8 vs. the Orioles, and they will play host to the Astros, who are switching to the American League next season, April 25-28. Boston is at home for 17 of its 27 games in April.


A West Coast swing in August includes a stop in Los Angeles to face the Dodgers. The visit begins just two days before the one-year anniversary of the blockbuster trade that sent Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, and Nick Punto from the Red Sox to the Dodgers.

The annual Patriots Day game will be against the Rays on April 15.

Interleague games will be vs. Philadelphia May 27-28; at Philadelphia May 29-30; vs. Colorado June 25-26; vs. San Diego July 2-4; vs. Arizona Aug. 2-4; at San Francisco Aug. 19-21; at Los Angeles Dodgers Aug. 23-25; and at Colorado Sept. 24-25. Interleague games are spread throughout the season in 2013.

The Red Sox conclude the season Sept. 27-29 in Baltimore.

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Red Sox 2013 schedule
All times TBA

April 1 at N.Y. Yankees

April 3 at N.Y. Yankees

April 4 at N.Y. Yankees

April 5 at Toronto

April 6 at Toronto

April 7 at Toronto

April 8 Baltimore

April 10 Baltimore

April 11 Baltimore

April 12 Tampa Bay

April 13 Tampa Bay

April 14 Tampa Bay

April 15 Tampa Bay

April 16 at Cleveland

April 17 at Cleveland

April 18 at Cleveland

April 19 Kansas City

April 20 Kansas City

April 21 Kansas City

April 22 Oakland

April 23 Oakland

April 24 Oakland


April 25 Houston

April 26 Houston

April 27 Houston

April 28 Houston

April 30 at Toronto

May 1 at Toronto

May 2 at Toronto

May 3 at Texas

May 4 at Texas

May 5 at Texas

May 6 Minnesota

May 7 Minnesota

May 8 Minnesota

May 9 Minnesota

May 10 Toronto

May 11 Toronto

May 12 Toronto

May 14 at Tampa Bay

May 15 at Tampa Bay

May 16 at Tampa Bay

May 17 at Minnesota

May 18 at Minnesota

May 19 at Minnesota

May 20 at Chicago White Sox

May 21 at Chicago White Sox

May 22 at Chicago White Sox

May 23 Cleveland

May 24 Cleveland

May 25 Cleveland

May 26 Cleveland

May 27 Philadelphia

May 28 Philadelphia

May 29 at Philadelphia

May 30 at Philadelphia

May 31 at N.Y. Yankees

June 1 at N.Y. Yankees

June 2 at N.Y. Yankees

June 4 Texas

June 5 Texas

June 6 Texas

June 7 L.A. Angels

June 8 L.A. Angels

June 9 L.A. Angels

June 10 at Tampa Bay

June 11 at Tampa Bay

June 12 at Tampa Bay

June 13 at Baltimore

June 14 at Baltimore

June 15 at Baltimore

June 16 at Baltimore

June 18 Tampa Bay

June 19 Tampa Bay

June 20 at Detroit

June 21 at Detroit

June 22 at Detroit

June 23 at Detroit

June 25 Colorado

June 26 Colorado

June 27 Toronto

June 28 Toronto

June 29 Toronto

June 30 Toronto

July 2 San Diego

July 3 San Diego

July 4 San Diego

July 5 at L.A. Angels

July 6 at L.A. Angels

July 7 at L.A. Angels

July 8 at Seattle

July 9 at Seattle

July 10 at Seattle

July 11 at Seattle

July 12 at Oakland

July 13 at Oakland

July 14 at Oakland

July 19 N.Y. Yankees

July 20 N.Y. Yankees

July 21 N.Y. Yankees

July 22 Tampa Bay

July 23 Tampa Bay

July 24 Tampa Bay

July 25 Tampa Bay


July 26 at Baltimore

July 27 at Baltimore

July 28 at Baltimore

July 30 Seattle

July 31 Seattle

Aug. 1 Seattle

Aug. 2 Arizona

Aug. 3 Arizona

Aug. 4 Arizona

Aug. 5 at Houston

Aug. 6 at Houston

Aug. 7 at Houston

Aug. 8 at Kansas City

Aug. 9 at Kansas City

Aug. 10 at Kansas City

Aug. 11 at Kansas City

Aug. 13 at Toronto

Aug. 14 at Toronto

Aug. 15 at Toronto

Aug. 16 N.Y. Yankees

Aug. 17 N.Y. Yankees

Aug. 18 N.Y. Yankees

Aug. 19 at San Francisco

Aug. 20 at San Francisco

Aug. 21 at San Francisco

Aug. 23 at L.A. Dodgers

Aug. 24 at L.A. Dodgers

Aug. 25 at L.A. Dodgers

Aug. 27 Baltimore

Aug. 28 Baltimore

Aug. 29 Baltimore

Aug. 30 Chicago White Sox

Aug. 31 Chicago White Sox

Sept. 1 Chicago White Sox

Sept. 2 Detroit

Sept. 3 Detroit

Sept. 4 Detroit

Sept. 5 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 6 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 7 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 8 at N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 10 at Tampa Bay

Sept. 11 at Tampa Bay

Sept. 12 at Tampa Bay

Sept. 13 N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 14 N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 15 N.Y. Yankees

Sept. 17 Baltimore

Sept. 18 Baltimore

Sept. 19 Baltimore

Sept. 20 Toronto

Sept. 21 Toronto

Sept. 22 Toronto

Sept. 24 at Colorado

Sept. 25 at Colorado

Sept. 27 at Baltimore

ept. 28 at Baltimore

Sept. 29 at Baltimore

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