Final: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0

Game over: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: The Yankees maintain a first place tie with the Orioles after this win while the Red Sox maintain their place in the AL East basement.

There were only 11 total hits in this one. Phil Hughes had solid stuff in holding the Sox bats at bay. In 7.1 innings of work, the Yankee starter allowed only five hits and struck out seven. Doubront was decent in his 6.2 innings of work for the Sox, but five walks and four hits allowed helped the Yankees get the only two runs they would need.

Bottom 9th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: Rafael Soriano on for the Yankees to try and close this one out.


Loney with a quick, one-pitch at-bat as he grounds down to first, unassisted. Ross at least makes his a four-pitch at bat, but three of those were strikes for the second out. Nava keeps hope alive with a two-out single into center field and gets to second on the next pitch with no throw down. Salty grounds out to second to end the game.

Top 9th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: A shift in the infield as Iglesias comes on at short and Aviles moves over to second. It is the first time this season that Aviles has played anywhere else in the field besides shortstop where he has played in 124 games. Melancon on to pitch.

Nunez breaks his bat on a flare pop-up that Iglesias catches up to just on the outfield grass. Jeter lines out to Ross for the second out of the inning. Swisher walks, putting him on base for the first time tonight. Iglesias boots a routine grounder from A-Rod and can’t get Swisher at second in time. Cano hits one hard, but it hangs up for Ellsbury to track it down.

Governors’ Cup FINAL: PawSox 4, Charlotte Knights 1: The Pawtucket Red Sox are the International League Champions for 2012. They will face the Pacific Coast League champion in a one-game, Triple-A championship game next Tuesday in Durham, N.C.


Bottom 8th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: Ciriaco strokes a wall-ball double on the first pitch he sees. Mauro Gomez on to pinch-hit and he can’t wait to get at it as he pops the first pitch he sees out to centerfield for our number one.

Joe Girardi hits the mound to relieve Phil Hughes who had a very solid night. Lefty Boone Logan on for the Yankees.

Ellsbury flies out to Ichiro in right field, but Ciriaco moves up to third on the sac-fly. Girardi gets LOOGY Logan out of the game for David Robertson.

Lavarnway in to pinch-hit for Podsednik, flies out to Ichiro to stand the runner at third.

Top 8th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: Cano hits an easy grounder to DeJesus who comes up on it before the ball was even in his glove for an error to start the frame. Martin flies to left-center, handled by Ellsbury. Jones walks on four pitches for the sixth free pass of the night. Granderson Ks for the third time tonight. And Pearce flies out to center field to end things in the top of the eighth.

Bottom 7th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: Nava ropes one out to right but Swisher gets a good track on it and makes a diving catch for the first out. Salty goes down swinging for the third time tonight. The good new for Salty is that he might not get the chance for the ‘golden sombrero’ tonight as the Sox are running out of innings. Aviles pops to first to end the inning.


Top 7th: Yankees 2, Red Sox 0: Granderson goes down swinging for the second time tonight. Pearce draws a walk, Doubront’s fifth free pass of the night. Nunez takes an inside pitch near his hands over the infield for a single and his second hit of the night.

Bobby Valentine out to the mound to collect Doubront. Junichi Tazawa on to face Derek Jeter.

Tazawa bringing the heat (consistently hitting 96 miles-per-hour) but Jeter drops one between everyone in shallow center, scoring Pearce. The hit ties Jeter for 10th on the all-time hit list, tying him with the great Willie Mays at 3,283 career hits.

Swisher Ks for the second time tonight. A-Rod goes down looking at strike three and did not like that call at all. It’s the seventh strikeout by Sox pitching this evening.

Governors’ Cup update – Jeremy Hazelbaker’s seventh inning triple drives in Che-Hsuan Lin and J.C. Linares drives in Hazelbaker to give the PawSox a 4-1 lead over Charlotte after seven innings of play.

Bottom 6th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: DeJesus goes down swinging for the second time in as many at-bats. Ellsbury with a single back up the middle. Podsednik becomes the sixth strikeout victim of the game for Hughes. Loney singles through the third base-shortstop hole to put two on with two out. Ross ends the threat with a can-of-corn to Swisher in right.

Top 6th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: A-Rod gets a bad piece of a ball and grounds out to Doubront who had to come up off of the mound to his right to field it. Cano draws a one-out walk. Martin goes down looking at strike three and Jones ends it with a 6-4 ground out.

Governors’ Cup update – Charlotte scores one on the bottom of the fifth inning on a Carlos Sanchez single. The PawSox still maintain the lead, but it is now 2-1 after five-and-a-half innings.

Bottom 5th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: Salty strikes out to lead things off. Aviles singles into the center for the second Sox hit of the night. Ciriaco hits it to a perfectly positioned Cano, who was breaking to the second base bag, stepped on it and relayed to first for the double play.

Top 5th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: Pearce grounds out to third to start the fifth. Nunez hits one that gets by the diving glove of Ciriaco and into the left-field corner for a one-out double. Jeter’s first-pitch ground out to short moves Nunez to third with two out. And another ground out to short, this time by Swisher, ends the inning.

Bottom 4th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: Ellsbury gets some good wood on a Hughes fastball, but it hangs up in the air for Swisher to make the play in right. Podsednik becomes the Sox first base runner after drawing a walk. Loney quickly lines one out to left field for out number two. Ross gives out plenty of souvenir foul balls, before roping a grounder passed A-Rod at third. Podsednik moves to third on the hit, the Sox first off of Hughes. Nava grounds to Cano to end the inning.

Top 4th: Yankees 1, Red Sox 0: A-Rod picks up his second single of the game, a shot back up the box that looked like it could have decapitate Doubront. A-Rod proceeds to steal second on a 78 mile-per-hour curve, his 12th swipe of the season. Cano draws a walk after a long battle, putting two on with no out. Randy Niemann makes a trip to the mound after Doubront starts Martin off with two straight balls. That meeting did not work as Martin walks on four straight to load the bases.

Andruw Jones lines the first pitch he sees out to Ross, but A-Rod tags up from third to put the Yanks on the board first, and Cano moves to third on the play. Doubront is helped out in a huge way when Granderson sends a broken-bat liner down to Loney at first who steps on the bag to double off Martin and end the threat.

Governors’ Cup update: The PawSox maintain their 2-0 lead over Charlotte through three-and-a-half innings of play.

Bottom 3rd: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0: Mike Aviles puts some terrible swings into his strikeout performance. Ciriaco skies the first pitch he sees and Nunez collects the pop-up in shallow left field. Ivan DeJesus Jr. becomes Hughes third strikeout victim of the night. Sox have yet to get a base runner through three.

Top 3rd: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0: Eduardo Nunez wildly flails at strike three outside the zone. Jeter laces a liner opposite field and Ross makes a few steps back to snag it. Swisher grounds to short to end the inning. Doubront with a solid first three, pounding the zone and keep his fastball near 93-94 so far.

Bottom 2nd: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0: Cody Ross, first-pitch swinging, grounds out to shortstop. Daniel Nava flies out to center on a 1-1 fastball. Granderson has caught three of the first five outs tonight. Jared Saltalamacchia strikes out on a 94 mile-per-hour heater from Phil Hughes.

Top 2nd: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0: Russell Martin leads off the inning with a ground out to third base. Andruw Jones picks up a walk after running the count full. Curtis Granderson chases a pitch outside and Doubront picks up his second K of the night. Steven Pearce ends the inning with a lazy fly to centerfield.

Governors’ Cup update – PawSox catcher Mike Rivera drives in Danny Valencia for the first run of the game in Charlotte and Che-Hsuan Lin plates Andy LaRoche with a sac-fly. The PawSox lead 2-0 in the second inning.

Bottom1st: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0:Jacoby Ellsbury almost legs out an infield single on a solidly hit ball to short, but is out by half a step. Scott Podsednik drives one to deep center where Curtis Granderson tracks it down after getting a great read on it. James Loney also flies out to Granderson, this time in front of the track in left-center.

Down in Charlotte (actually Fort Mill, South Carolina to be exact), the PawSox are scoreless against the Knights after one full inning. Charlotte bumped starter Matt Zileski for Scott Carroll.

Top 1st: Yankees 0, Red Sox 0: Derek Jeter leading off for New York tonight in the DH role after tweaking his ankle last night at first base. He hits one to Doubront’s right, but Felix comes off the mound to make a nice play for the first out. Nick Swisher goes down on three straight strikes, the last one a 94 mile-per-hour fastball that he watched go by. Alex Rodriguez punches a two-out single into centerfield. Robinson harmlessly grounds back to third to end the top half of the inning.

Larry David, John Hamm and Bill Cosby (who threw out the ceremonial first pitch) are all in attendance this evening.

Pregame: Good evening, Craig Forde back for some more live blogging from Fenway Park as the Red Sox get set to close out their penultimate series against the Yankees this season. It’s the rubber match of their three game with Felix Doubront facing off against Phil Hughes.

I will provide an inning-by-inning account of things here, with an eye on the PawSox down in Charlotte who are looking to win their first Governors’ Cup title since 1984. Check out the lineups for that game here. Feel free to leave comments.

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