Game 146: Red Sox at Blue Jays

Here is a preview of the game:

RED SOX (65-80)
Ellsbury CF
Nava LF
Pedroia 2B
Ross RF
Loney 1B
Saltalamacchia C
Lavarnway DH
Aviles SS
Ciriaco 3B
Pitching: RHP Clay Buchholz (11-6, 4.46)

BLUE JAYS (65-78)
Davis, LF
Lawrie, 3B
Encarnacion, DH
Lind, 1B
Escobar, SS
Johnson, 2B
Torrealba, C
Sierra, RF
Gose, CF
Pitching: RHP Carlos Villanueva (7-5, 3.48)

Game time: 1:07 p.m.


Red Sox vs. Villanueva: Pedroia 4-10, Ellsbury 3-8, Ross 4-6, Loney 1-7, Podsednik 0-6, Saltalamacchia 1-5, Ciriaco 1-4, Nava 0-2, Aviles 0-3, Kalish 1-2, Lavarnway 1-2.

Blue Jays vs. Buchholz: Lind 10-33, Mathis 2-12, Encarnacion 1-14, Escobar 2-9, Davis 2-10, Arencibia 0-11, Vizquel 1-7, Johnson 0-5, Lawrie 1-8, Rasmus 1-6, Gose 2-4, McCoy 0-4, Hechavarria 1-3.


Stat of the Day: The Red Sox lost their 80th game of the season Thursday night against the Yankees. The Red Sox haven’t lost 80 games in a year since 1997, and they haven’t had 80 losses as of Sept. 13 since 1966 when they lost 90 games and finished in ninth place out of 10 American League teams.

Notes: Buchholz nearly went the distance against the Blue Jays last Sunday, allowing four earned runs in 8 2/3 innings in a 4-3 loss. … Villanueva threw a quality start in that matchup (6 IP, 3 ER) and has pitched at least five innings in all of his starts since June 19. … The Red Sox have lost 12 of their last 15 games and the Blue Jays swept them at Fenway Park last weekend. … Pedroia is expected to return after missing two games because of the birth of his second son.

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