Aceves playing his way out of town

Alfredo Aceves is eligible for arbitration for the second time. You have to think the Red Sox will release him long before it comes to that.

Aceves spoiled a comeback by the ragtag Sox, allowing three runs in the 12th inning that gave the Baltimore Orioles a 9-6 victory on Saturday.

Aceves left Fenway Park within a few minutes of the last pitch and was not available for comment.

Aceves has given up 25 earned runs on 29 hits and 11 walks in 25 innings dating back to Aug. 2. He has appeared in nine games since his suspension and allowed at least one run in six of those.


The Sox have lost the last 11 games Aceves has pitched in. The last three appearances — nine earned runs on nine hits over 3.2 innings — have been particularly bad.

“It’s kind of like a box of chocolates right now,” Bobby Valentine said. “You never know what you’re going to get.”

Aceves is 2-10 with an ERA of 5.31.


• The Red Sox have played seven extra-inning games at home this season and lost them all. That is actually not impossible, only very unlikely. The Kansas City Athletics did it in 1964.

• The Orioles have won 16 consecutive extra-inning games, the longest streak in the majors since 1949. They are 9-1 in games going 12 innings or more.

• The Orioles are 7-1 at Fenway this season with one final game on Sunday. Then again, that’s not unusual this season. The Sox are 33-45 at home, their most losses at Fenway since 1980.

• Ryan Lavarnway has nine RBIs in his last nine games.

• Junichi Tazawa has struck out 11 in his last 6.2 innings. He has fanned 43 and walked 5 in 40 innings.

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