Pedro Martinez on the state of the Red Sox

Pedro Martinez was asked on Sunday about his take on the 2012 Red Sox. Martinez joined the Sox in 1998 and went through some trying seasons in his time.

“I’m not that far apart from also having teams that went completely bad, especially in the second half. I’m very familiar with it,” he said. “They need to change a few things. When things go wrong, you really have to look at the things that went wrong and fix them.

“The team has the tools to actually come back by next year. I was on a lot of teams where we had a lot of sore and painful defeats. So this team, all they have to do is fix their character, come back next year and think that everything is possible and start nice and fresh. Hopefully management will make the adjustments they need to make and work on the character a little more and I think that talent is basically there. So they need to just work all together and focus on it. I think that’s achievable.”

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