Yaz believes Cabrera has shot at Triple Crown

It’s been 45 years since Carl Yastrzemski won the last Triple Crown. And he believes Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera has a legitimate shot.

Yastrzemski, who was voted the reserve left fielder (behind Ted Williams) on the All Fenway Park Team, which was honored Wednesday night before the game, finds it hard to believe it’s been this long since somebody has won it.

“Somebody’s going to do it, whether it’s Miguel Cabrera this year or someone next year,” Yaz said at a press conference alongside Dwight Evans after the ceremony. “I’m surprised it’s gone on this long to be perfectly honest. When [Pete] Rose broke [Ty] Cobb’s hit record and when [Cal] Ripken broke [Lou] Gehrig’s consecutive game record, I never thought that would happen either, so it’s going to happen.”


Yastrzemski said the Triple Crown was barely mentioned in 1967 because the Red Sox were marching toward their Impossible Dream season.

“The one thing that will help [Cabrera] is that he’s in a pennant race,” Yastrzemski said. “There’s so much more publicity nowadays, people call a report in every day. In ’67, the Triple Crown wasn’t even mentioned. We were so involved I didn’t know I’d won it until the next day when I read it in the paper.

“The only person who mentioned it the last two weeks of the season was Jim Lonborg. He came up to me. We were playing in Baltimore against Frank Robinson, who was ahead of me by a few points. He said, ‘Get some hits because I’m gonna give Frank an 0-fer.’ He went 0 for 5.”

Yastrzemski batted .326 with 44 homers and 121 RBIs in 1967. Cabrera entered Wednesday leading the American League with a .329 average and 133 RBIs. He was one homer behind Texas’ Josh Hamilton, who had 43 entering the night.

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