Thoughts on a miserable milestone for the Red Sox

BALTIMORE — The next loss for the Red Sox will be their 90th of the season. This will almost certainly be viewed as further evidence of the apocalypse and the need for Bobby Valentine to be drawn and quartered in Copley Square.

Losing 90 games is a benchmark in baseball. It’s the point where you cross the line from being merely a bad team to being a truly dreadful one. Plenty of teams have losing seasons, but you need to really stink up the joint to lose 90 games.

But it’s worth noting that you have to back to 1966 — three years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon — to find the last Red Sox team to lose 90 games.


If that sounds impressive, it should. Because no other team has come close to going that many years.

The St. Louis Cardinals (1990) are next, with the Yankees (1991) right behind them. The Oakland Athletics (1997) are a surprising third. Then come the Angels (1999) and Phillies (2000).

The saintly Terry Francona presided over the 2000 Phillies, by the way. He got fired after 97 losses.

The remaining 24 teams have had 90-loss seasons in the last decade.

So do not bemoan 90 losses. Celebrate the fact that you went 45 years without having to say, “Man, my team really stinks.”

May you go another 45. By then, the 2057 Red Sox will have retired the number of Dylan Pedroia after his glorious career. Parking at Fenway will be $350, however.

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