Pedroia will play against Yankees, despite broken finger

NEW YORK — Dustin Pedroia has a broken left ring finger. He is also playing second base Tuesday night as the Red Sox face the Yankees in the season’s second-to-last game.

“I want to play, that’s basically it,” he said. “I want to play and be out there for the guys. Yesterday was tough, we got our butts kicked. I’m going to try and go play and hopefully we play well enough to win.”

Pedroia has been assured that he can’t injure his finger any further. He will be in pain, however, and had to persuade the Red Sox to let him back in the lineup.


“We have a lot of young guys on our team,” said Pedroia. “Sometimes you get nicked up and stuff like that. It’s part of the job.

“You get beat up, you slide into bases and get your finger stuck on them and hit a base or whatever. They know that I’m going to be out there and they should be out there, too, if it happens to them. It’s a team.”

When asked directly if he was referring to Jacoby Ellsbury, Pedroia said that was not the case.

“He’s been beat up, man,” Pedroia said. “He’s had his share of injuries this year. This year has been tough on a lot of guys. He doesn’t have to answer anything about that.

“Don’t go there, he’s fine.”

Pedroia is incredulous at the idea of the Red Sox being in last place.

“Nobody likes losing,” he said. “We want to win. It’s tough when you lose 91 games. That’s something we’re not going to be happy about, and we’re going to try to do all we can to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore.”

The front office, he said, needs to take action.


“We have money to spend,” said Pedroia. “Those guys can basically do whatever they want. We want to win.The guys that are here want to win. We don’t like going out there playing and losing ballgames.”

Is Pedroia embarrassed?

“Yeah,” he said. “I’m a Boston Red Sox, I never thought in my mind we’d lose 91 games.”

Going to back to youth baseball and through high school, Arizona State, the minor leagues, and then the Red Sox, Pedroia had never played on a losing team before this season.

“It’s killing me,” he said. “This is awful.”

But for now, he wants to play. Broken finger and all.

“I like playing, it’s fun,” he said. “I get to compete two more games, then I’ve got to sit around six months and wait until I do it again.

“Why not? There’s nothing else to do. I get to go home and play football with my 3-year-old. Geez, man.”

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