The latest from Fenway Park

Bobby Valentine is expected to be at Fenway Park today if he is not yet already.

The soon-to-be former manager of the Red Sox will meet with team officials. His firing is expected later today or tomorrow at the latest.

The Red Sox are focusing their search squarely on John Farrell, the Toronto manager and former Red Sox pitching coach.

A call to the Blue Jays to formally open those discussions will soon be made, sources said.

After having Valentine essentially forced on him last fall, GM Ben Cherington will get more latitude in selecting the next manager. Assistant GM Mike Hazen, who is very close to Farrell, also will play a leading role in the decision.


The scene at Fenway is quiet. Camera crews are outside Gate D waiting to see Valentine. Pitching coach Randy Niemann arrived a short time ago. Many of the players returned home directly from New York. Those who returned to Boston have so far avoided the ballpark outside of reliever Andrew Bailey.

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