Looking for a playoff team, Red Sox fans?

You’re a Red Sox fan and the playoffs have started. Who are you rooting for? Here’s a guide of former Red Sox in the playoffs to help you decide on a team to support:


Athletics: The Athletics have former Sox outfielders Josh Reddick and Coco Crisp on the roster along with Brandon Moss, who came up with the Sox. The A’s seem to have a little spirit of the 2004 Red Sox in them, too. This is the team many Red Sox fans will gravitate to.

Orioles: The Fighting Showalters have tortured the Red Sox for two years, so no love here. But root for third base coach DeMarlo Hale, a good guy who deserves a shot to manage.


Tigers: Victor Martinez has been out all season with an injury, which means fewer television shots of Little Victor. They have Anibal Sanchez, who played for the Sox but weren’t around long enough to build up much of a following. Third base coach Gene Lamont must find the 2012 Sox amusing. He was the other finalist when they hired Bobby Valentine.

Yankees: They have Derek Lowe. But it’s safe to say no Red Sox fan is rooting for them.


Cardinals: There are no direct connections. But Chris Carpenter is from New Hampshire.

Giants: Old friend Marco Scutaro has crushed the ball for San Francisco (.362/.385/.473) since being acquired from the Rockies. He’s worth rooting for. They also have lefty reliever Javy Lopez, who was with the Sox from 2006-09.

Nationals: Adam LaRoche was a Red Sox for six games in 2009. He could be again in 2012, too. His brother, Andy, finished the year in Pawtucket. Bryce Harper says he loves Fenway Park, so there is that. But Davey Johnson managed the 1986 Mets.

Reds: Bronson Arroyo is 35. As Joe Castiglione might say, “Can you believe it?” Be fun to see him in the World Series again. Glad those braids are gone.

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