Ortiz happy to have Farrell back in Boston

David Ortiz fully expected the Red Sox to replace Bobby Valentine with John Farrell.

“There is something that they see in him,” Ortiz told the Globe on Sunday. “Ben [Cherington] and those guys know they can work with him. I think that will help us.

“He has a great relationship with our pitchers and I think they need that. If you can line up your pitching staff, it makes everything easier. I think [Farrell] will give us a chance to win games because the pitchers will produce for him. It was hard to win games last season because we were always behind. That’s a tough position.”


Ortiz believes the Red Sox also will benefit from Farrell being so familiar with the team.

“Definitely,” he said. “I’m pretty sure he’ll walk in and handle his business. He’ll be in a situation where he doesn’t have to come in and learn the program. He can just do his thing. Ben got his guy and he has things lined up to make the ball club better. He wanted Farrell to be part of that.”

Ortiz said Farrell had good relationships with the position players even when he was the pitching coach.

“He’s good,” Ortiz said. “There’s respect there.”

Ortiz said his strained right Achilles’ tendon is healing well. He had an ultrasound treatment two weeks ago and said it was helpful.

Ortiz also said his agent, Fernando Cuza, has been talking to the Red Sox about a new contract.

“Something will get done,” he said. “I feel good about it.”

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