Farrell: ‘There’s work to be done here’

Here are a few of the key quotes from Tuesday’s press conference:

John Farrell on the job at hand: “There’s some realization on my part that there’s work to be done here. There’s a lot of quality players that are currently here and yet the results, the win-loss record, doesn’t reflect that. It’s my job and my intent to find out what took place and how to we best address it and correct it.”

Ben Cherington on Farrell: “It’s important that I have a relationship with the manager that’s strong to the point that you can disagree and be candid with one another and walk away knowing that relationship is still intact. I have a better chance of making good decisions if that relationship allows for that kind of candid discussion and disagreement at times. I feel confident about that with John based on my existing relationship with him.”


Farrell on the players: “I firmly believe that there’s an amount of professionalism that every player that comes to the big leagues and certainly that would come to the Red Sox here would have. That guides their preparation, their motivation.

“But most importantly, because I’ve been here before, there will be no taking for granted that relationships exists. I will work my butt off to earn their trust, earn their respect and create an environment in that clubhouse that is just that, it’s a trusting one. It’ll be a learning one and, yes, it’ll be a competitive one and hopefully a very successful one at the same time.”

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