Hiring John Farrell was Red Sox’ good fortune

Perhaps it was a good omen, a sign that the sagging fortunes of the Red Sox were about to take a turn for the better.

That was the sense team president Larry Lucchino got when he opened a fortune cookie that read, ”You will solve a major problem that’s important to you,” after he cleared away some Chinese takeout left over from a meeting he hosted Saturday night at his Brookline home.

It was there that Lucchino, Red Sox owner John Henry, and general manager Ben Cherington met with John Farrell, who agreed on a three-year deal to become the club’s 46th manager.


“It was like in two stages,” Lucchino said. “The first was kind of an interview, with a lot of questions back and forth. Then, a little break in the action for some Chinese food from Bernard’s — the best Chinese place in town in Chestnut Hill. Then we sat down and started talking turkey about what it would take to get it done.”

Lucchino said he ordered Hunan shrimp, Cherington had “some crazy kind of noodles,” and Farrell had chicken and broccoli. Henry ordered wonton soup.

“We had a bunch of fortune cookies and we opened a bunch of them,” Lucchino said. “One of the ones that had gone unopened after everyone had left said something interesting: ‘You will solve a major problem that’s very important to you.’ That’s what the fortune cookie said. I was alone when I opened it and I had a big laugh.”

So what did he do with it?

“I saved it,” Lucchino said.

Asked if it was a good omen, indicating that the Sox were about to put their 2012 season behind them, Lucchino laughed. “The only thing that would’ve been better is if it had been opened when we were all sitting there at the table,” he said.


Told he would have been accused of setting it up, Lucchino laughed. “Yeah, I would have been held as the conspirator,” he said.

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