Lovullo expected to be named as bench coach

The Red Sox are close to naming Torey Lovullo as their new bench coach. The manager of Triple A Pawtucket in 2010, Lovullo followed John Farrell to Toronto and was the first base coach for two years.

The Red Sox have allowed Valentine’s remaining coaches — Tim Bogar, Alex Ochoa, Randy Niemann, Jerry Royster and Gary Tuck — to speak to other teams.

Bogar, Ochoa and Tuck are candidates to remain in the organization in some capacity.

“We’re not closing the door to someone who was here before. We want to give John the latitude to have fresh canvas to work off of, Cherington said.


Two other Toronto coaches — Brian Butterfield and Luis Rivera — could be considered.

The key hire may be the pitching coach. Since Farrell left in 2010, the Red Sox have had three pitching coaches.

“With any position stability is critical,” Farrell said. “I think it’s important for the pitching coach coming in that this isn’t going to be a situation, because so much has been brought out about my return here, that it’s not going to be micromanaged.

“Certainly there’s going to be involvement, but that person needs the freedom to do his job and do it to the best of his ability and that’s why, to me, it’s important to get the most qualified pitching coach available and bring him in here.”


— Three reporters from Toronto were at the press conference to introduce Farrell, asking him pointed questions about leaving the Blue Jays with one year left on his contract. In Canada, Farrell has been labeled as disloyal.

“The reaction to the anger or the feelings that might emanate from this happening, I appreciate that. That means there’s passion,” Farrell said. “I would take exception to the thought that there was no intent to fulfill a contract.”


— The trade of shortstop Mike Aviles to Toronto as compensation for Farrell does not necessarily mean 22-year-old Jose Iglesias will start right away next season, Cherington said. The team wants to see if Iglesias can earn his way in spring training.

— Farrell has exchanged text messages and voice mails with righthander Daniel Bard, whose career spiraled sharply downward last season because of control problems. “Before getting a chance to talk with him in-depth, I couldn’t begin to say what the steps to adjustments might be,” Farrell said. “I think we all recognize it wasn’t too long ago this might have been the best eighth-inning reliever in all of baseball. He’s not injured.”

— Farrell will wear No 52, which he had as pitching coach with the Sox.

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