Some quick thoughts on the new manager

More to come on this over the course of the day. But a few notes from today’s press conference:

— It was interesting that Ben Cherington was at the podium alone with John Farrell. Larry Lucchino was off to the side and there was no sign of John Henry or Tom Werner. Whether intentionally or not, the message was sent that this is Cherington’s hire.

— Farrell seemed very relaxed, very confident, and ready to hit the ground running. He said several times that he will not take any prior relationships with players for granted.


— Farrell also talked about holding players accountable. There clearly will be well-defined expectations now and communication about those. That was missing in 2012.

— Lucchino said there was a time he thought the talks with Toronto would fall apart. Cherington independently confirmed that, saying the Sox talked at length about some other candidates and whom they would select if Farrell weren’t available.

— Farrell acknowledged that the Sox did request permission to speak to him a year ago and were denied.

— David Ortiz was here today working out and talked to Farrell a bit. Compared with last year, when there was acrimony, there are a lot of positive vibes when it comes to Ortiz’s contract. You can expect a new deal to be announced at some point. They’re moving that way.

— Farrell is not being urged to hire any of the remaining coaches but they will be considered. There seems to be a good chance that as many as three of his Toronto coaches — Brian Butterfield, Torey Lovullo, and Luis Rivera — could follow him to Boston. Lovullo is likely to be the bench coach.

— Farrell talked about being too aggressive promoting a running game with the Blue Jays. Given how often they ran into outs the last two season, that makes sense.


— Lots of talk about communication today. Cherington is clearly relieved to have a partner now as opposed to a manager who eventually became almost an adversary.

— Cherington would not commit to Jose Iglesias as shortstop. Clearly they want Iglesias to come to spring training feeling he has something to prove.

— Cherington said he needed to do a better job of building the roster.

More to come later.

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