Red Sox will double up on hitting coaches

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. – The Red Sox hope to hire a hitting coach sometime next week. Then they’ll probably hire another one.

Manager John Farrell said Wednesday his preference would be to hire a hitting coach and an assistant hitting coach. That is the path many teams are taking.

“That would be the preference, to go with two guys,” Farrell said. “The consistency of message is what matters most. When you look at what the hitting coach is required to do and the amount of time spent in the cage in addition to preparing for an opponent on a given night or for a given series, I think it has evolved into more than a one-man system, one-man setup and we’re moving in that direction.”


Farrell said interviews should start this weekend. The Red Sox need to replace Dave Magadan, who left for Texas.

“It’s our goal to have the best staff possible [and] one that’s in place in place in a relatively short period of time,” Farrell said.

General manager Ben Cherington agreed with the idea of going with two hitting coaches.

“I think there ought to be some philosophical alignment, but perhaps a different personality, a different background,” he said. “I think both ways can work. There are some guys, and Mags was one of them, who can do a good job on their own. But it’s a big job. We’re considering this approach. We’ll see how it goes.”

Cherington said the Red Sox are making progress with a bullpen coach. Incumbent Gary Tuck, who doubles as the catching instructor, remains a possibility.

“Hopefully we’ll have something to announce soon,” Cherington said.

The Sox are looking internally for a first base coach. There is value, Cherington said, in having a coach who is familiar with the players. That could bode well for Triple A manager Arnie Beyeler.

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