The Gaslight Anthem talks some baseball has its own radio station, RadioBDC and they’ve convinced a few cool bands to come play short sets at the Media Lab we have.

Brian Fallon and Alex Rosamilia from The Gaslight Anthem were there this afternoon and did three songs.

The band is out of New Jersey and Fallon is a big sports fan, especially of the Yankees. He joked about being born a Jets fan and eternally regretting it. He also said that he would stab Nick Swisher if the Yankees outfielder tried to join the Red Sox.

The band is playing at the House of Blues tonight. Fallon said he hoped to get in a quick tour of Fenway Park, which is good because he didn’t know what the Green Monster was. He did say he thought Fenway was a better park than Yankee Stadium.


Fallon joked that he and Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys get along pretty well despite their different allegiances. But he and Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones don’t talk during baseball season.

Over the years, it’s always fun to talk baseball with musicians and to talk music with baseball players. It seems like good athletes wish they could be in bands and guys in bands wish they could play baseball. There are baseball writers who would love to try writing about music, too.

RadioBDC has posted a replay of the set. And if you like alternative music, you should give RadioBDC a try. They do a great job.

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