Napoli should be good fit in clubhouse

NASHVILLE — Mike Napoli is considered a solid teammate by those who have played with him and know of him from his time both in Anaheim and Texas.

“He’ll work hard, give it all he has,” said one former Angels coach who coached Napoli in Anaheim. “He’s not the best catcher or thrower, but he can handle pitchers and knows how to call a game. At first base, I suppose the more he plays there the better he’ll be. He’s average to below average as a fielder. but he’ll work at it. Listen, the Red Sox are getting him for his bat and power at Fenway and that part of it should work out well.”


“He wants to do well and do the right thing,” said a Texas official. “He’s tough for us to lose but we just didn’t want to go as far as Boston did on the contract.”

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