Some notes from the Winter Meetings

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — One last post before calling it a night. Here are a few notes:

• Are the Red Sox an attractive spot for free agents? Ben Cherington said that was a good question given the 93 losses last season.

“It has been a question that’s been asked, but it hasn’t been that hard to answer,” Cherington said. “I think players and agents understand that despite what happened this year Boston is Boston. We’re committed to having a winning team. We have a history of having a winning team. Sure, they ask the question to make sure that they understand the direction we’re headed, but it hasn’t been an obstacle from what I can tell.”


• The Red Sox had Tim Wakefield on their roster for 17 years and a few weeks ago added Steven Wright to their 40-man roster. They are not afraid of knuckleballers, clearly.

That’s why Cherington, sources said, met with the Mets on Monday to discuss a possible trade for National League Cy Young Award winner R.A. Dickey.

Dickey has one more year on his contract and the Mets would be willing to trade him if they cannot come to an agreement on an extension. Dickey, who lives in the area, spent time with Mets officials on Sunday.

The Red Sox, according to what the Globe has learned, are not particularly interested in Dickey and certainly for the premier prospects the Mets are seeking.

• The Red Sox have signed four players to minor league contracts. Righthanded starter Terry Doyle, a Concord native who played at Boston College, left the White Sox for the Red Sox. He finished last season in Japan. The Sox also added utility player Drew Sutton, who was with the organization in 2011 and played in 31 major league games. Righthander Oscar Villareal has 258 games of major league experience with the Diamondbacks, Braves and Astros. RHP Jose De La Torre also signed.


• Infielder Pedro Ciriaco left his winter league team because of a sore right shoulder. He was checked out in Boston last week and is fine.

• The Rays signed James Loney, the first baseman who came over in the Dodgers deal. The Red Sox never showed much interest in bringing him back.

• The Yankees need a third baseman given the news that Alex Rodriguez will miss at least the first half of next season following hip surgery. Imagine if Kevin Youkilis were their choice?

That’s it for now. Catch you tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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