Napoli deal slow to complete

A newly acquired Red Sox player usually comes to Boston for a physical and officially signs the contract. Then, the player is introduced at a Fenway Park press conference.

It seems like for days now the Red Sox have been on the verge of an announcement that Mike Napoli has been signed to a three-year, $39 million deal, but none has come.

The delay has given rise to speculation that there’s a hang-up or snag which speculated on Tuesday night.

No Red Sox official, or Napoli himself, has returned text messages on the subject.

It was confirmed that Napoli did come in for a physical so perhaps it’s just a matter of a doctor clearing the deal. Is there something they need to double-check? Napoli suffered from a quad injury last season. He’s also had shoulder surgery in the past.


Shane Victorino, who agreed to a similar deal as Napoli, was scheduled to come into Boston from his home in Hawaii Wednesday for his physical.

It may be the Red Sox want to unveil both at the same time.

There are also roster considerations. The Red Sox are at 39 so they could add Napoli, but they also have to make room for Victorino. That means somebody has to go from the 40-man roster.

We’ll see if it’s that simple.

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