Farrell names Hanrahan as his closer

With Ben Cherington traveling, Red Sox assistant general manager Brian O’Halloran spoke to reporters this afternoon about the trade with the Pirates.

He said that manager John Farrell spoke to Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey and told them that Hanrahan would be the closer going into spring training with Bailey as one of the set-up men.

“We see Andrew as playing a very important role in our bullpen as well,” O’Halloran said. “There will be plenty of opportunities for him to help us win games in key situations late in the game. We know he’s very capable both closing and pitching in other high-leverage situations at the end of games.”



• O’Halloran had no update on the Mike Napoli situation.

• The Red Sox, O’Halloran said, checked out Stephen Drew’s right ankle and were satisfied with his health. He suffered a severe fracture during the 2011 season.

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