Hall of Fame results are due Wednesday

The Hall of Fame voting results will be announced on Wednesday at 2 p.m. on MLB Network and the BBWAA website.

The Hall of Fame sent out a press release the other day with some facts and figures about the voting. Here some of the more interesting nuggets and a few comments about them:

• A total of 573 ballots were cast by BBWAA voters in 2012, marking the 10th time that more than 500 ballots have been cast. Voting privileges are extended to those BBWAA members with 10 years of experience and in good standing with the BBWAA.

• Voters can select from zero to 10 names on their Hall of Fame ballot. Votes on 75 percent of all ballots cast are necessary for election. This means that if a voter turns in a blank ballot — which at least one voter has — it decreases the odds of others getting in.


• Here’s a partial list of players who will soon appear on ballots:

2014: Tom Glavine, Jeff Kent, Greg Maddux, Mike Mussina, Frank Thomas.

2015: Nomar Garciaparra, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz.

2016: Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman, Billy Wagner.

2017: Vladimir Guerrero, Jorge Posada, Manny Ramirez, Ivan Rodriguez.

2018: Chipper Jones, Omar Vizquel.

If no players are elected this year — and there seems to be at least a fair chance of that — trying to pick just 10 names in the coming years is going to be difficult.

• There are 64 living Hall of Famers. They range in age from 94 (Bobby Doerr) to 44 (Roberto Alomar).

• Counting Negro League players, there are 72 pitchers in the Hall and 67 outfielders. There are only 16 catchers and third basemen and one DH (Paul Molitor).

• 44 players were elected in their first year of eligibility, none since Rickey Henderson in 2009.

• There has never been a player unanimously elected to the Hall of Fame. The closest was Tom Seaver, who received 425 of the 430 votes cast in 1992. Believe it or not, nine voters did not pick Hank Aaron in his first year and 11 passed on Babe Ruth in 1939. Ted Williams didn’t get 20 votes.

Why is this? Some BBWAA members don’t believe in voting for somebody in their first year of eligibility. It would be interesting to hear that explained to somebody like Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., or Mariano Rivera.


• 48 Hall of Famers spent their entire career with one team. That group includes Doerr, Williams, Carl Yastrzemski, and Jim Rice.

• If Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio get in this year, they would be the first teammates to spend their entire career with the same franchise to enter the Hall together since Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle in 1974.

Dodgers teammates Don Drysdale and Pee Wee Reese accomplished that in 1984. But Reese was elected that season by the Veterans Committee, not the BBWAA.

• The Class of 2013 already includes umpire Hank O’Day, Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert, and 19th-century player Deacon White. They were elected by the Hall’s Pre-Integration Committee in December. The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be July 28 in Cooperstown.

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