Pedroia is sexy and he knows it

There was a passage in Terry Francona’s book that described the Red Sox owners doing a marketing survey that determined Dustin Pedroia was a “sexy” player and that the team needed more such players.

Pedroia’s reaction?

“They didn’t need to hire a damn marketing team. I could have told them that for free,” Pedroia said. “It was all my friends. … I don’t know, I just started laughing. That’s pretty funny.”

Pedroia was asked if he read Francona’s book. He rolled his eyes and laughed.

“No,” he said. “I have no time for that.”

Pedroia also got the obligatory question about what he did during the offseason.

“Straight body building,” he said.

How did that go?

“What do you think?” he said. “Awesome.”


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