For Jon Lester, quite a catch

lester fish .jpg

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Via the Red Sox Twitter account, here’s a photo of Jon Lester and the big fish he caught Wednesday.

Lester did a long, friendly interview with the media and then caught a nice fish. There’s a lesson for all you young players out there.

Long ago, I worked for a small paper that regularly published photographs of people with the fish they caught. We ran them every Sunday, and the part-timers were charged with coming up with captions.

It wasn’t easy, as there are so many ways to describe a person holding a dead fish.


One day a new hire asked the sports editor what he was supposed to do. The editor, who was busy, said, “Just write that some guy caught a big-ass fish.”

Later that day, when the page came back to proofread, there was the caption, “Guy catches big-ass fish.”

Fortunately for us, it didn’t make the paper.

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