Red Sox training camp report No. 2

Wednesday, Feb. 13

WEATHER: 82 and sunny, with a 13-m.p.h. wind from the southwest

MEDICAL REPORT: Clay Buchholz (right hamstring) played catch and reported improvement. Mike Napoli (hips) is limited to playing catch and batting practice. Felix Doubront (left shoulder) threw from 75 feet.

FUNDAMENTALLY SPEAKING: The pitchers who later threw in the bullpen started their day with 3-1 plays, which involve covering first when the first baseman fields a grounder. Those who didn’t throw went through a series of three fielding drills. The position players took batting practice and there was a brief round of infield

THUMBS UP: For a guy who has never played an inning at first base professionally, Daniel Nava looks pretty comfortable there. He worked with the pitchers on the 3-1 plays. … Jon Lester had a strong bullpen session throwing to David Ross. He threw only fastballs and changeups but they were accurate. “I see why he’s so good,” Ross said. “Guy has a world of talent.”


THUMBS DOWN: David Ortiz had a bunch of popups and grounders in his batting practice. When he finally belted one out (to right field, no less), he cursed and shook his head. Ortiz didn’t start hitting until last week because of his Achilles’ injury, and it shows.

AROUND THE BASES: Third base coach Brian Butterfield stood about 40 feet from Jose Iglesias and tried to drive grounders by him, first to his glove side and then to his backhand. Iglesias let a few get by, but his quick hands earned a hug from Butterfield. “You’re good,” he said … Pedro Ciriaco, who is being developed as a utility infielder, took grounders at second and third … John Henry was spotted signing autographs near Field 1.

SCHEDULE: Position players get their physicals on Thursday. The pitchers and catchers should be on the field around 9:30 a.m. There is rain in the forecast.

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