Ellsbury on the future: Ask my agent

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Jacoby Ellsbury said today he enjoys playing for the Red Sox. As to whether he will stay with the team, that’s a question he would prefer agent Scott Boras to answer.

Ellsbury will be a free agent after the coming season, having taken three consecutive one-year contracts since gaining arbitration rights.

Can he see himself in Boston next season?

“I think I’m focused on just playing. I’m focused on helping the team win. Any questions about contracts or anything like that, I think it’s best to just call my agent and do it that way,” Ellsbury said.


Ellsbury then deflected a question about whether he wants a long-term offer from the Sox.

“Like I’ve said a lot of times, I love playing here. I love the fans. I appreciate the Red Sox obviously giving me my opportunity early in my career in the draft and selecting me. I love playing here,” he said.

“Any contract stuff like that, just kind of like I said last year, if there is anything that comes on the table, if I’m presented with something, we’ll go from there.”

Boras said in December at the Winter Meetings that Ellsbury would benefit more by going on the open market.

Team president Larry Lucchino was asked about the odds of retaining Ellsbury.

“Would we like to have him here? Yes. Do I think that there will be some negotiations that will take place during the course of the year, perhaps sooner? Possibly. We wouldn’t rule anything out,” he said.

“We’d really very much like to have him here, like to have him be part of a core Red Sox team.”

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