Farrell’s message to the Red Sox on Friday

FORT MYERS, Fla. — John Farrell will address the Red Sox before Friday’s first full-squad workout. His message will focus on expectations.

But not expectations in terms of results. Expectations in terms of how to conduct your business.

“When you communicate what you expect, we can all be held accountable in our own way,” he said. “That’s not to be authoritative or being a dictator, that’s just to say this is what we’re about and what we hope to get accomplished in spring training.”

As for his rules, Farrell said he has only two: Be on time and be professional.


“Being professional encompasses a number of things,” Farrell said. “That’s how you play the game, that’s how you treat the people around it and that’s how you treat the guy dressing next to you. This game will always be about the players and yet we have to provide the boundaries in which we’re going to operate.”

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