Red Sox training camp report No. 4

WEATHER: It was 64 and overcast with a few drops of rain now and then. But the Red Sox did everything as planned.

MEDICAL REPORT: Clay Buchholz (right hamstring) threw from 120 feet and felt fine. The plan now is for him to return to the mound for a bullpen session on Tuesday. His hope is for that to come as early as Sunday. … Felix Doubront (left shoulder) is scheduled for a bullpen session on Wednesday. He will throw from 135 feet on Saturday. … Craig Breslow (left shoulder) threw from 75 feet. His return to the mound is not yet scheduled.

FUNDAMENTALLY SPEAKING: The position players had a busy day in their first official workout. There was a base running drill followed by throwing, individual defense and batting practice. The pitchers who didn’t have bullpen sessions worked on comebackers, covering first base and home and fielding squeeze bunts.


THUMBS UP: The Red Sox have a coach with a fungo bat slap softer baseballs at the pitchers to work on their fielding reflexes. The balls come in at close to game speed. John Lackey and Ryan Dempster were the two best at it. … David Ortiz did some running and agility drills to test his Achilles tendon and seemed to be moving well. … Batting practice home runs doesn’t necessarily mean a while lot. But Jonny Gomes put several balls into orbit.

THUMBS DOWN: Coaching staff assistant Ino Guerrero was serving as the third base coach during a base running drill. He was waving his arm counter-clockwise as the runners came around. “Wrong way, Ino,” shouted Dustin Pedroia.

AROUND THE BASES: How precise is the schedule? The bullpen sessions were set for 10:02 a.m., 10:14 a.m. and 10:26 a.m. … Jon Lester said that he believes in leadership by example. He is showing in his actions hustling from station to station and going full speed though the drills. … Felix Doubront reported in poor shape and the staff isn’t happy about it. He had conditioning problems in 2011, too.

SCHEDULE: The Sox will be back on the field at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

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