Kalish seeking a little inspiration

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Ryan Kalish won’t be able to catch or throw a baseball for several months as he recovers from shoulder surgery. But the new glove he ordered arrived right on schedule the other day.

Because their gloves are custom made, many players often get something embroidered on the side. Usually it’s their names or initials or the name of a family member.

Kalish’s glove has the letters NDCQ. It stands for “Not dead, can’t quit.”

It’s an expression coined by Richard “Mack” Machowicz, a former Navy SEAL who now has a career in television and as an author.


“Just something to remind me not to give up,” said Kalish, who has had three surgeries in the last 17 months. “I’ll look at that glove a lot and think about when I can play again.”

The Red Sox have 59 players in camp and Kalish is the only one who can’t get on the field to at least some degree. As his teammates head out the doors of the clubhouse every morning, he goes into the training room for rehab.

“Just trying to keep my head up,” he said.

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