Aceves’ agent meets with Cherington

FORT MYERS, Fla. — John Farrell addressed the media after the Sox workout today. Not as eventful as Sunday, when Alfredo Aceves provided the entertainment by lobbing his batting practice pitches resulting in a talking to by pitching coach Juan Nieves and Farrell.

Aceves’ agent, Tom O’Connell, met with Ben Cherington and then with his client. O’Connell was assured that everything has been addressed and that the team wants Aceves to be a big part of the bullpen.

Farrell touched on a few other subjects:

On Clay Buchholz: “Buchholz had a successful bullpen today. Threw all of his pitches. No restrictions. Still not cleared for full baseball activity but his mound session was good. And puts him in line on Wednesday to face live hitters in live batting practice.”


On ailing reliever Craig Breslow: “Still getting treatment – probably not responding as fast as he anticipated. The MRI that he underwent didn’t show any signficant changes. Still trying to get that inflammation out of there.”

On Pedro Martinez’ role in camp: “He’s focussing on Rubby (De La Rosa) and Felix sharing his experiences and much of the mindset a starting pitcher has to go through not only in spring training but also how to manage a full season.”

On what Martinez can add: “The biggest thing is the way he has able to adapt throughout his career. Even when the his physical power started to tail off at times ho he made adjustments and learned to pitch, that he’d be able to lend that experience in those conversations.”

Farrell said he already had conversations with Martinez on the messages being sent. “That’s taken place on a couple of occasions already. No question we don’t want mixed messages. We don’t want one guy talking over another and creating any mixed messages or confusion. He can relate to every pitcher on some level. It’s as much about dealing with pitching in Boston standpoint of what adjustments he had to go through. He has the scope of a whole major league career. He has to be clear where they are at their stage in their careers and not fast forward things too much.”


On how he’s approaching Thursday’s college games vs. BC and Northeastern wth his hitters: “We’ll get them at least two at-bats and have guys come up from the minor league camp to finish those games.”

On having Gary DiSarcina as the Triple-A manager: “We were teammates in the Angels system in the early 90s. To have him back here, I think he thinks about the game with similar views and how to conduct ourselves and how the game should be played. A very experienced guy who has a very good feel for the game. Just the way he interacts with players in a positive way that lends it to middle infielder’s but not limited to that. He’s been a great addition since coming back. Even though his playing career is over his passion for the game hasn’t stopped. A way or a path or a role that he can not only stay involved but impact a lot of players that want the same career he had.”

On whether Xander Bogaerts could play more shortstop for the Netherlands in WBC with Texas shortstop Jurickson Profar out of the mix: “Hasn’t changed what we’ve been instructed. He’s going to compete for a spot at third base and if not there then he’ll get his at-bats in the DH role. He leaves here on the 23rd and I believe their training in Taiwan. We’ve got a few days of work to get him exposed to third base.”


Opening Day starter? “Not today. We’ve got a few other things to take care of before we get to that. We’ve got to get through Northeastern and BC first.”

Any more injuries? “No. We’re making pretty good strides. The guys that were nicked up early on, everyone’s making solid progress. Napoli today took about 100 ground balls with all the work total after BP today, and that familiarity continues daily with Butter (third base coach Brian Butterfield). With the exception of Breslow’s situation kind of plateauing, we’re getting closer to full strength.

More on Napoli’s progression: “As he gains comfort with a number of different movements he’s going to be asked to do we’ve got a menu of things set up already tomorrow that will start to lead in to throws on the front end of double play and more active around the bag, some picks in the dirt. There’s a progression that we’ll go through, but he looks pretty smooth and fluid at first.”

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