Buchholz ready for game action

FORT MYERS, Fla. – No. 2 starter Clay Buchholz, set back by an annoying hamstring injury, pitched his second simulated game today and is now ready for action in a real game Saturday vs. the Twins.

Buchholz threw 40 pitches, 20 in each inning to lefthanded hitter Mike Carp and righthanded Mike Napoli. Both hitters got four reps.

Front office personnel, John Farrell, pitching coach Juan Nieves, and Tim Wakefield all watched the outing.

“It was good. Felt more comfortable,” Buchholz said. “I’ve felt comfortable since I started throwing out of the wind-up. I started to find a balance point there at the end to get a good feel for it. Last 10 pitches I stayed on line without jumping toward home plate,” Buchholz said


The injury was annoying, but Buchholz didn’t think it was a big deal.

“The good thing is we have two weeks extra here this year and it wasn’t something that set me back two weeks. I missed my first time in rotation, but I can deal with that. It was unfortunate but I didn’t miss much. I feel good running. Zero percent I feel anything while throwing,” Buchholz said.

On the anticipation for Saturday: “I’m getting nervous for others getting out there like Lack and Demp. I’m ready. It feels like I’m ready to get out there,” Buchholz said.

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