Tough crowd in the clubhouse

FORT MYERS, Fla. — There is no sympathy in a baseball clubhouse. None.

You will recall the incident on Wednesday when Will Middlebrooks took an awkward swing against the Orioles, felt a jolt of pain in his right wrist and came out of the game.

One of his teammates called up the moment on video, printed out the image and added in a cartoon bubble of Middlebrooks saying, “Why me?”

Then, of course, the joke was tacked to the clubhouse bulletin board.

An in-depth Globe investigation has not yet identified the culprit. He is believed to play second base, however. More on this as it becomes available.


Middlebrooks, by the way, is just fine and is playing for the second straight day. It’s also worth noting that the prank is a sign of how much the veteran players like the third baseman. For a player who at this time last year was headed back to minor league camp, he has fit in really well.

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