Aceves in the middle of a WBC brawl

Red Sox pitcher Alfredo Aceves was flung to the ground and took several punches to the head during a brawl between Mexico and Canada during their World Baseball Classic game on Saturday.

Multiple fights erupted after Canada’s Rene Tosoni was hit in the back by a pitch from Arnold Leon with the score 9-3 at Chase Field in Phoenix. It quickly turned into a wild scene, as chaotic as any on a major league field in recent years.

Aceves was among four Mexican players ejected The Red Sox righthander was tossed to the ground by Philadelphia minor league outfielder Tyson Gillies during the height of the altercation, then rushed to rejoin the fray. At one point in the fracas, three or four Canadian players were on top of Aceves.


“I had a hold of him and I thought I saw Satan in his eyes,” said Canada coach Larry Walker, who tried to restrain Aceves.

Red Sox manager John Farrell saw the incident on television.

“I think we all hope our players don’t get injured when they go off to a tournament, especially in that type of melee,” he said. “It looks like [Aceves] came out of it OK, with the exception of a couple of welts on his head. We had a message from their trainer that he came out of it OK despite taking a couple of left hooks to the head.”

Mexico was eliminated from the tournament because of a 10-3 loss against Canada. Aceves pitched in one game, allowing two runs on five hits over three innings. He is expected to rejoin the Red Sox early next week.

In other WBC news, Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino is 0 for 1 in the two WBC games the United States (1-1) has played.

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