Buchholz picking up the pace, with good results

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Are you one of those Red Sox fans who gets annoyed when the starting pitcher takes 30 seconds between pitches?

How can you not be? Well, there is good news, at least from Clay Buchholz. He is trying to pick up the pace.

“That’s been my No. 1 key as of late, getting on the rubber and throwing a pitch and getting back up there,” Buchholz said Tuesday after throwing four shutout innings against Toronto. “Just to make the game go a little bit quicker and not have to think too much. Just getting the ball and trying to go after it.”


In recent years, several Red Sox pitchers have worked with painful deliberation, following the lead of Josh Beckett. Now that Beckett has been traded, the idea of working quickly has taken hold. John Farrell and pitching coach Juan Nieves have encouraged the idea.

It will help that John Lackey and Ryan Dempster are quick workers. Younger pitchers tend to take their cues from the veterans.

Buchholz has not allowed a run in 8.1 innings this spring. He has walked two and struck out seven. Maybe he’s onto something.

“Everything is starting to fall together,” said Buchholz. “I was able to go out there and execute pitches, like one after another, a little bit better than the last time out and the time before that.”

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