Why Daniel Bard has a new t-shirt and Alfredo Aceves is wearing his cup

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Daniel Bard was in the clubhouse this afternoon wearing a t-shirt that said “I’m Daniel” on the front and “Not Josh” on the back.

So, Daniel, what’s the deal?

“People keep calling me Josh,” he said. “When I was warming up yesterday a fan said, ‘Have a good season, Josh.’ It happens all the time.”

Josh Bard is a 34-year-old catcher who played seven games for the Red Sox in 2006. He was not in the majors last season. Daniel Bard is a 27-year-old pitcher who has played part of four seasons with the Red Sox, appearing in 209 games. Other than their last name, they don’t have a whole lot in common.


So here’s a tip for autograph seekers: Tell Daniel you know he’s not Josh.

Then we have the Alfredo Aceves Anecdote Of The Day.

Aceves was getting dressed for the game and grabbed his protective cup. That is most unusual for a pitcher who will not be in the game. Cups aren’t all that comfortable, especially when all you’re going to do is watch the game.

So, Alfredo, what’s the deal?

“You have to be prepared,” he said. “What if [Jon] Lester hits somebody and there’s a fight? Somebody might try and kick me in the [place where you don’t want to be kicked.]”

Then Aceves pointed to his head.

“Prepared,” he said.

Here’s hoping the Red Sox keep Ace around. He’s endlessly entertaining.

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