Yankees deal with Jeter injury

TAMPA, Fla. — Yankees general manager Brian Cashman could offer no real timetable on when Derek Jeter could return to the Yankee lineup after the shortstop received an anti-inflammatory injection in his left ankle to alleviate soreness.

He might miss Opening Day.

Jeter had ankle surgery last October. He’s participated in spring training, but playing back-to-back days caused some inflammation.

“He’s fine,” said Cashman, who broke his ankle in a sky-diving accident a few weeks ago. “They consulted with doctors in South Carolina and gave him anti-inflammatory injection. He’ll get the day off when he feels better he’ll be off and running again. The doctors said you can experience a lot of different things along [the] pathway. His rehab has gone extremely well, but after back-to-back days it barked a little bit.


“This player isn’t the easiest one because he plays through anything and tolerates it all and is not necessarily the most vocal if anything is barking. He’s going to have ups and downs in the early portion of it. It still is really early in the process. We have to make sure it’s the right steps.”

As Opening Day approaches, will Jeter be ready?

“If you asked him, Opening Day would be a certainty. But in fairness, I don’t know yet. We have to be in position for him to play a full nine innings of defense and play back-to-back and all this other stuff. There’s some time left. See how he responds.”

The disabled list?

“I can’t rule it out,” Cashman said. “Let’s see how the next 10 days go. We have to do right for him. There’s a reason Joe [Girardi] played Eduardo Nunez at shortstop the entire spring training so we’ll have somebody ready to go.”

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