Some MLB players still perceive Red Sox as ‘mess’

Ten percent of 110 players surveyed anonymously by ESPN The Magazine indicated the Red Sox are still one of the biggest messes in baseball.

“The Red Sox will be a disaster,” said one NL pitcher, who responded to the question of “Who is the hottest mess in baseball?”

The Miami Marlins got 43 percent of the vote, the Astros 38 percent. The Red Sox came in third. The players felt the Blue Jays should win the World Series.

The survey is part of the magazine’s MLB preview, which hits newstands on Friday.

Other nuggets:

“Do you know of any gay players?” Five percent said yes.


The vast majority answered no (94.6 percent), with about an equal split then saying some version of “nobody would care” or “it wouldn’t bother me, but it would be a problem for other guys” when asked to elaborate.

Then there are the 5.4 percent who already know of a gay colleague. “Yes, but that’s as far as I want to go, even if this is anonymous,” said one NL player.

When asked about guns, 46 percent said they owned firearms.

More than half of those surveyed say they do not own any guns. But the other 51 respondents have a total of 258 firearms among them (5.1 per gun-owning player), for an overall average of 2.4 per player.

“Let me ask you something,” said a potential Cy Young Award winner. “If you were rich and famous and your salary was in the newspaper every week, would you worry about your wife and kids? That’s why I have guns.”

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