Early Opening Day for John Farrell

NEW YORK — John Farrell arrived at Yankee Stadium at 7 a.m. for his first game as the manager of the Red Sox.

“Every Opening Day is memorable and met with a lot of anticipation,” said Farrell said, who woke up at 3 a.m. and fell back to sleep only briefly. “Today is a great day around the game, particularly here.”

On a beautiful day in the Bronx. Here are a few notes:

• The Sox are still working through the paperwork of getting shortstop Stephen Drew cleared to play after his concussion. The process involved approval from Major League Baseball and the Players Association.


Drew is ready to play in extended spring training games.

• The players from both teams will wear patches with the town of Newtown crest to honor the victims of that tragedy.

• According to USA Today’s survey of Opening Day payrolls (the 25-man roster), the Sox are fourth highest in the game. The Yankees ($228.83 million) are first with the Dodgers ($216.59 million), Phillies ($165.38 million), Red Sox ($150.65 million) and Tigers ($148.41 million) following.

• All 10 players on the Red Sox Opening Day starting lineup are 32 years old or younger for the first time since 2003.

• Not in action today: David Ortiz, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson. “I think this series has always been dominated by [those names]. This game will always be about the players,” Farrell said. “While the names have changed I don’t think you can completely look past the history that these two teams have with one another. I know everyone in our clubhouse is certainly looking forward to it regardless of the status of individual guys. From across the field, we don’t take anything for granted. … This is still a spectacle and a series that draws a lot of attention.”

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