John Lackey: ‘A little scary when it happened’

TORONTO — Here is what John Lackey said after the game:

How do you feel? “It felt like a pretty good cramp. It’s all in the bicep, wasn’t elbow. Pretty frustrating, a little scary when it happened for sure.”

Feeling better about it now? “It’s sore. But hopefully not too serious.”

Did you feel something on the pitch before? “Felt a little something tight on the pitch before. But it grabbed me pretty good on the last pitch.”

Arm was dangling as you walked off. Was there pain? “My hand didn’t go numb or anything like that like I’ve had with the elbow stuff. It was pretty much right in the belly of the bicep.”


How encouraged were you with how you were pitching? “I felt really good. Really made one mistake. I was pounding the strike zone pretty well, had some strikeouts. Felt like my stuff was pretty good.”

How concerned are you? “I don’t know. I’ll just see what happens tomorrow when I checked out.”

What went through your mind initially? “A year and a half of getting to this point and having to do it again. Yeah.”

Worried muscle might be torn? “The tests they ran on me here today looked pretty good. So hopefully get a picture of it tomorrow we can get after it and hopefully it’s nothing too crazy.”

How long afterward did it feel better? “It got better when I got inside. It kind of loosened up. Like I said, felt like a pretty good cramp. Like a hamstring kind of thing I’ve had before. I would liken it to that.”

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