David Ortiz: ‘It was a tough day yesterday’

Via our On Deck blog, here’s what the Pawtucket Red Sox were saying about Monday’s attack.

Manager Gary DiSarcina and outfielder Alex Hassan have Massachusetts ties. David Ortiz also spoke about the tragedy.

“At the time I got pretty angry, I couldn’t process anything through my stomach last night, especially watching the news. Why would people do things like that? I was watching the news last night, saw this 8-year-old kid that was right there with his mom and sister, waiting for his dad to cross the finish line and all I think about is, how can this happen?” Ortiz said.


“I’m very sad and got very emotional last night. This is a nation that is good at sticking up and staying together when things like this happen. All of us are behind it. I’m a person that I’m proud of this country. This country gave me and my family the opportunity to be who I am today. I always say that it’s an honor to be a part of this country and seeing things like this happen it’s getting on everyone’s mind and your want to do something about it.

“I heard our President last night talking and he looked like he was struggling. To see what happened at [Newtown ] last year and a lot of students and people lost their life and then you see a day like yesterday. You have a lot of people sacrificing themselves to raise money and some [expletive] just come out with things like that, it’s not fair, man. It’s not fair. It was a tough day yesterday.”

Ortiz is in the lineup for Pawtucket today.

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