So what’s with the Red Sox start times?

The Red Sox are playing at 6:35 p.m. the next two days and again on Thursday. That’s 35 minutes earlier than the usual start time for night games.

To find out why that is, we asked Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy. He said the team hopes the earlier start times will make it easier for people to bring their kids to games. The Sox also thought it would help make the chilly spring weather a little more tolerable.

Unofficially, this is also related to the Sox having 17 home games this month after a 69-93 season. Many of those games are against teams that aren’t considered good draws (Kansas City, Oakland, Houston).

The early start times could entice a few more fans to midweek games. Unlike previous years, when all the Sox had to do was open the gates, some creativity is needed.


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