Aceves lays some blame on the umpire

Here is some of what Alfredo Aceves said tonight after the game:

What happened in the third inning? “Everything was fine. You can’t do anything against the walks. Today, it was a bad day. It was a bad day. We’ll have better days than this. We have to continue to work and get better results.”

What happened on the play at first base when you didn’t cover? “It was just a bad throw, you know? A bad throw by myself to home plate.”

What about not covering the base? Were you late? “Yeah, it was my fault. That’s only one play. It’s also … it’s hard to explain to you guys. You guys just see the errors, the runs, the hits and whatever. Its really hard to … to … how can I explain? To get through that plate, you know? It can be for whatever reason. The strike zone gets small. Obviously you guys don’t see it that way. You just like to see the runs. As a pitcher, man, it’s not easy. The weather. Whatever the weather is we should be able to play, you know? It don’t matter what the score is. We’ve got to have our backs. … I’m not going to sit back and relax and think about the next game. There’s no second game. I think we’ve got to have our backs.”


(Aceves then spoke about the mound needing repair in the second inning because of the hole Bartolo Colon dug.)

“You keep it behind your mind, that stuff. I was trying to put myself and the team in the best position to have success.”

Did you lose command in the third inning. Was it the conditions? “Yeah. Yeah. No doubt. No doubt. Not only that. Too many things like the strike zone got that small, you know? It’s not one thing. It’s a couple of things. For whatever reason it got that small. I can’t explain it. It gets you like, ‘I have to throw a ball in the middle.’ Even when you throw a good pitch — I threw a good pitch to [John] Jaso on 3-2 [in the fourth inning] and he got a hit. I see no reason to throw the ball in the middle and get hacked. It’s not good. It’s not healthy for you; it’s not healthy for the team. I’m a little upset over that of course because we lost. I’m upset about it. Hopefully we can get right and get some better results.”

Did that affect your focus, being upset? “It’s about my confidence. You can’t to have confidence to make a swing, to make a play, to make a pitch, too. … It’s the big leagues you know? It is what it is.”


Colon pitched well with the same strike zone and conditions Was he not facing … “ Maybe his strike zone was not that small for whatever reason. Also they got hacks. Why do we not hit? Same thing. It’s just bad today. No matter what score it is, we’ve got to get back out there and do give whatever we have, man. I’m not complaining about the weather. In the end of the day you’ve got to do it. There’s nothing you can do about it except just do it. It’s the way it is.”

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