Final: Red Sox 7, Astros 3

Final, Red Sox 7, Astros 3: It took him five starts, but Ryan Dempster finally gets his first win of the season, striking out 10 over six innings to push the Sox to their 11th win in the past 14 games.

Bottom of the eighth, Red Sox 7, Astros 3: With the bases loaded, the Astros brought the infield in and Marwin Gonzalez was able to make a big play.

He snagged a Jacoby Ellsbury liner, then looked to his right and made a quick throw to double up Will Middlebrooks at third, killing what could’ve been a game-sealing inning for he Sox.

Stepping to the plate with runners on first and second, Jonny Gomes was able to salvage what was left of what could’ve been a big inning with a single to left that scored David Ross.


Ross’s single that inning gave him the first four-hit game of his career.

Top of the seventh, Red Sox 6, Astros 3: A mishap and some small ball allow the the Astros stay within arms reach.

Leadoff man Matt Dominguez reached when he was dotted by Clayton Mortensen fastball. Then Marwin Gonzalez dropped down a bunt single that made it first and third. After Mortensen fanned Robbie Grossman, Junichi Tazawa came on and gave up a Jose Altuve sacrifice fly that brought Dominguez in.

He’s scored all three runs for the Astros tonight.

Bottom of the sixth, Red Sox 6, Astros 2: Jacoby Ellsbury’s 11th stolen base of the season gave him the team’s April record. It also gave him 200 for his career.

Top of the sixth, Red Sox 6, Astros 2: The sign was as slight as you could possibly imagine, but Ryan Dempster shook his right arm after striking out Brandon Laird and manager John Farrell came out to the mound to check on him.

They talked, and once it was all done, Dempster stayed out there.

After walking Carlos Pena, he struck out Chris Carteron three pitches and got Fernando Martinez to bounce out to third to end the innings.


It’s the second time in his past three starts that Dempster’s struck out 10.

Bottom of the fifth, Red Sox 6, Astros 2: David Ortiz gets in on the action with a long home run to straightaway center.

It’s his second of the season, second in two nights. He saw another fastball he liked, and mashed it.

Top of the fifth, Red Sox 5, Astros 2:Even though only one of them led to outs, there were a couple of really nice defensive plays by the Sox.

On a fly ball to right, Daniel Nava nearly threw out Matt Dominguez tagging from third. The throw was perfectly online, but a blink too late.

Then, on a liner slicing away from him in left, Jonny Gomes laid out to make a nice inning-ending grab. He had to eat a little grass to come up with it, but it may certainly saved a run.

Ryan Dempster, meanwhile, is up to eight strikeouts. He’s thrown 88 pitches, allowing just four hits and walking two.

Bottom of the fourth, Red Sox 5, Astros 1: Back-to-back homers by Will Middlebrooks and David effectively end Erik Bedard’s night.

Bedard labored through his three-plus innings, throwing 91 pitches (59 strikes), giving up eight hits, three homers.

Ross and Middlebrooks have 20 hits between them, and nine of them are homers.

Bottom of the third, Red Sox 3, Astros 1: David Ortiz nearly slammed his bat after striking out for a second time. He swing and missed at a 92 mile-per-hour fastball in his first at-bat. He whiffed at a not-as-fastball this time, leaving Dustin Pedroia, who reached on a bloop ground rule double, stranded at second.


Mike Napoli would take care of things in the next at-bat, though. He ripped a double into the left-field corner to bring Pedroia around. It was Napoli’s 17th extra-base hit this month and 12 double, setting team records for April.

Top of the third, Red Sox 2, Astros 1: The Astros cut the lead in half thanks to Matt Dominguez’s leadoff double.

Mawin Gonzalez got him to third with a sacrifice fly to center, and he came home on Robbie Grossman’s groundball.

Bottom of the second, Red Sox 2, Astros 0: By the looks of it, David Ross’s moon shot managed to somehow avoid hitting any of the cars in the parking lot across Lansdowne.

He couldn’t have been happier to see a fastball from Erik Bedard on 1-and-2. He has four hits this season. Two of them are home runs.

Top of the second, Red Sox 1, Astros 0: Add two more Ks to Dempster’s total on the night.

He used the slider to get Carlos Pena and Chris Carter swinging. Pena was muttering something as he left the box.

Twenty-two of Dempster’s 31 pitches have gone for strikes.

Bottom of the first, Red Sox 1, Astros 0: In the span of three pitches, Dustin Pedroia went from flinching at Erik Bedard’s first curveball of the night to jumping to get out of the way of an errant fastball at the ankles to crushing the next fastball off the Wall for an RBI double.

Meanwhile, Erik Bedard can thank Mike Napoli for single-handedly running up his pitch count. He threw 33 in the first inning — nine to Napoli. The battle ended with Napoli taking him to the right-field warning track, making Napoli 3 for 16 all-time against Bedard.

Top of the first, Red Sox 0, Astros 0: Ryan Dempster’s been remarkable with using strikeouts to get himself out of jams.

Jose Altuve tagged him for a double to the gap in left-center. Dempster made things worse hesitating on a pick off and throwing it into center field, allowing Altuve to take third. But he struck out Jason Castro and Brandon Laird to get out of the inning.

He upped his strikeout total to 35, and 19 have come with men on, 11 with runners in scoring position.

Pregame:Welcome to Fenway where Ryan Dempster’s on the mound again, still looking for his first win of the season. The Sox, are three wins shy of matching the team record for April wins with four games left this month. They’ve won 10 of their past 13.

Enjoy the game. Feel free to comment.

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